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Do you have a roofing problem?

Q: My roof is leaking. Does this mean I need a new one?
A: Not necessarily. You may only need repair work. The best way to determine the problem is to call in a professional roofing company for an evaluation. They'll advise you on the most viable and cost-effective course of action.

Q: How do I spot potential trouble on my roof?
A: Signs of problems are most likely in roofs that are fifteen years or older.
Look for:

  • loose or missing shingles
  • damaged flashing - pieces of metal or roll roofing wrapped around vent pipes, chimneys and adjoining walls to prevent water seepage and leakage
  • buckling and curling - shingles that are bent up in the middle or turned up at the corners
  • blistering and rotting - bubbles, caused by moisture in the shingle, appear on the surface of asphalt roofing

Q: What should I do if I see these signs?
A: These problems can usually be fixed without replacing the roof. The key is to find them early and have a qualified roofer deal with them immediately.

Maclean Roofing and Renovations will provide a free consultation followed up by a free estimate that will be explained by our courteous staff. To get your estimate today please call (902) 370-3550.

Q: What questions should I ask before hiring a roofing contractor?
A: You want to establish the contractor's professionalism and high standards of quality.
  • Does your contractor carry workman's compensation, liability protection and insurance against damage to you or your neighbour's property?
  • How long has your contractor been in business?
  • Does the company have a solid reputation for excellence?
  • Will your contractor guarantee job satisfaction? Ask for references.
  • Does your contractor use only first quality materials?
  • Will your contractor give you written warranties for labour and materials
  • Will your contractor stand behind the work after the project is completed?